Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got a notice in my inbox today that my package has shipped!! My new iPad is (theoretically) ON IT"S WAY!! I panicked a little this week when I say a little news blurb on KFBK's website saying "new iPad orders won't ship till 4/12", the blurb was quickly replaced with another, so I couldn't go see what it was talking about. But I guess that's for the people who didn't order early, like I did. So, it's on it's way!!

Only 3 days left!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPad Dreamin'

Before bed last night I was perusing the Wired Magazine article again, about the iPad - boy, are they ever sure that this is the next "best thing"! The way the article is written is interesting, because it uses a low-tech hyperlink format, where certain phrases are highlighted in a color, with that color arrow leading to one of the side-bar, side-articles. Fascinating, in that, before web pages and hyperlinks, I don't know how well understood that type of writing would have been.

A quote from one of the side bar editorials, by Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco "forget the netbook. It's a slow, clunky piece of junk. Do I want to look like the guy who couldn't afford a real computer, or the guy who went to the future and brought back a device that's as cool as I imagine I am?"

Last night the iPad invaded my dreams. I dreamed that it had arrived, and I was exploring it's many functions. Of course, in my dream, it could do much more than it actually can, and somehow I couldn't quite get enough time with it to see what it did, because everyone else wanted to look at it, and play with it - especially my husband who keeps claiming it will be his..."

But it won't be his, it will be mine - or ours - I guess I can be that generous ;). And I'm still a little unsure. They keep stating that if folks like the iPhone so much, then this is definitely the next step. I, however, have never even had the slightest interest in the iPhone, or any of those smart phones that do everything. I like my phone to make phone calls, and my camera to take pictures. I don't use my phone to text, or play games, or even to take pictures. So, will this device be something that I will actually find useful?

Nevertheless, I still think buying it is a good idea, because there are those people who DO love their iPhones, and all those cool apps, and so it should be easy enough to unload it if I find it to be just another toy. Well, then there's my husband, who has a difficult time letting go of stuff. He will probably want to hold on to it for it's toy value, so I might have a hard time getting him to let me resell it, which I would want to do because we sure don't need a toy THAT expensive!!

10 days to go...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wired magazine article

We got the newest Wired magazine in the mail today, and the front cover was dedicated to the iPad. Apparently the iPad marks the end of desktop, laptops and the peripherals, such as mice and keyboards. Apparently the tablet is the next thing, and there will be no going back. Good old Apple, always coming up with the innovations!

So why do the majority have PC's? Smarter early marketing ploys, I guess. Apple came up with color, with integrated machines, with the computer/monitor combination. Back in the 80's, Apple came out with the macplus, the first integrated machines, so cute and portable, little 12X12X18 boxes, with little 7" screens. We used to have a bunch of them, maybe 10, down in our storage/school bus, but I sold them all on eBay last year, Dang it - I should have held on to them. They still worked, just had no keyboards and mice. They will probably be worth something (again) someday, vintage collectors items. They were pretty cool! Hopefully there's still one down there...

Now the "tech-sperts" (I just made that up) are pronouncing this as the beginning of the next greatest movement in computer technology, tablet computing. And this time, I will be on the cutting edge. Woo-hoo!

12 days left...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Saturday after next

So there is only one Saturday standing between me and my iPad! The following Saturday I will hold it in my hot little hands!!!!

Emily says that I owe it to the world to begin blogging about my understanding of the Lords Prayer. I told her how hard it's been for me to know where, and how, to begin. So she said that when the iPad arrives, that is my deadline, then I need to start a Lords Prayer blog, written on the iPad. So that is my plan.

14 days left.

Friday, March 19, 2010

15 Days to go

Some things I'm not sure about:

Is it a phone?
Can I connect through my home wireless internet (I would imagine)?
Will it arrive on the 3rd, or just ship that day?
Does it come with the apps installed, or do I need to buy them all individually?
What is the system - is it OSX, or some linux based PC compatible thingy?
does it have a HD?
Will 16 gigs be enough?
how difficult will it be to read books on i?
How much do book downloads cost?

These questions (and more) will be answered in 15 days (or so).

Meanwhile, I sit at home, wondering if I really wouldn't have been wiser to buy new tires for the car, pay the kids tuition, save the money for emergencies, or any number of other more pressing needs for that $499 (plus tax = $548).

It occurred to me, that since the money is still in my bank account, maybe my order didn't go through! I started to get concerned, and realized that I have no way to check - should I order again? What do I do...? Arggghhh...

So I called the iPad 800 #, and spoke to Hugo (who was very helpful!). He said that I should have an order #, which I then remembered printing out. I located that, and now feel reassured. While I had him on the phone, I asked if it would ship on he 3rd, and he said that, no, it would ship a few days before, so that I would receive it on the 3rd, giving those who go to an Apple store no advantage over the people who pre-ordered online, as far as when we would have it in our hot little hands.


15 Days left - just a little over 2 weeks...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Albania - 17 days

My two youngest daughters left for Albania yesterday, so part of my mind, heart and world is on a different continent. When Emily went to India, I remember that I felt that separation keenly. This is not about worry, there would not be a worry big enough to keep them safe. I know that the Father who loves them more than I do will watch over them, and that's enough for me. It's just a fact of motherhood that we are inextricably tied to our children, forever, and when they hurt, we hurt; when they experience joy, our joy is exponentially increased, and when they are absent, part of our very consciousness is affected. That part of us that keeps them in remembrance at all times is tugged and pulled, and stretched, as they move further from us. We become bigger, able to be more, able to stretch further - but it's a painful process!!

And what does this have to do with me waiting for my iPad? Not much, actually, except that they will be back before it arrives, and so it's not too long that I have to be stretched all the way to Albania.

17 days left.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waiting For Trains - 18 days

My sweet eldest just posted about waiting for trains, and it made me think about this wait for latest and greatest technology - not that I have waited as long, or longed for as hard, as the thing she is/has been waiting for, but...

The only way we can learn patience is by having to be patient. As a woman of a more mature age, I have had to wait for many things; love to come into my own life, pregnancy, birth (6 times over), death, and yes, trains. I have learned that the waiting is worth it (or it's not), the train will come (or it won't), love will happen, whether the one we expected, or another kind all together, the babies will be born, and the sick will eventually be freed from their suffering.

And so I have found peace in my life. I have learned patience, and will learn more, as I wait more; for love for my daughters, for grandchildren, for things of great consequence and things of little. I understand that the iPad I'm waiting for falls into the "of little" category, but there are times when having a thing you are counting down to helps to pass the time; Helps to expound on the more important lessons of life, and waiting, and patience.

I want my daughters to understand that the pain and suffering of the wait is ALWAYS worth it, whether the the specific thing they are waiting for comes through for them or not, because the important thing is the character developed along the way. And when that train arrives, and the specific goal is accomplished, and you settle into your seat, let out your breath and relax... You find yourself waiting for the next thing, the end of one wait is the beginning of the next. The birth of a baby is the end of pregnancy, but the beginning of parenting; the arrival of love is the beginning the relationship, the wedding begins the marriage, and so it goes...

18 days till the iPad is shipped.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-order placed...

Ok, I got up early this morning (5:30) and placed my order... spent the money on something that won't be available 'til 4/3. Cary said I should - but at the same time he keeps insisting it will be HIS! argggh! I hit him with the clencher last night though - I used to have a little red car... So he said it could be mine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iPad release countdown: 24 days

So I checked out this website;

and, Yup, I still want one. I really should put the money into fixing my car, so that I can give my daughter her car back, but I'm hoping I don't have to. So far, the money remains untouched in the envelope. I can pre-order on Friday, so- only 2 days 'til decision time. I'm thinking that if I go ahead and order Friday, I will be one of the first to receive one on the 3rd of April, which is what I want.

Why do I want this thing? How is it going to enrich my life? Will it actually be a useful tool? Time will tell...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok, so I'm reading a book - Blind Faith, by Ben Elton. A truly frightening (though humorous), 1984-esque book, about where all this blogging, Youtubing and reality TV will end up. Kind of frightening to start a blog with THAT hanging over my head - *shudder*.

So, anyway, I saw the ad for the newest, latest and greatest technology to come along in a long time - more exciting than sliced bread... and I want one! Never before have I been one to be on the cutting edge, I am more cautious, waiting until the technology has been tested, waiting till the price goes down a couple of hundred $$. But this, now, this is different!

The iPad.

The release date has been set for April 3, 2010, with a pre-order date of March 12.

Usually, I wouldn't even be able to consider it, we are ALWAYS broke. The economy is bad, work is slow, but... Cary just got a full time job, AND I got another art commission, AND we got a big tax refund - so we actually have the money, I could actually get one! So exciting. And my husband wants me to. So I put an envelope aside with enough money in it to actually be able to do it.

So, unless a big emergency comes along, and we have to spend the money before the release date, it looks like I will get one. YEEEEAAAHHH! (is that a frightened sound or an excited one - not sure, to tell the truth!)

Emily brought up one of the qualms I have, what if they actually SUCK? Being one of the first to buy means you are helping to work any bugs out, BUT, after all, it is an Apple product, and I firmly believe in Apple products, being a long time mac user. Emily also points out that, on the off chance that it DOES suck, I can quickly re-sell it on eBay, before the word gets out.

And I can blog about my experience - the countdown, the expectation, the end result... ecstasy or misery?

So, the countdown is on, 4 weeks, or exactly 28 days, till release; 6 days till pre-orders will be accepted. Should I pre-order? Probably, then they will know how many to have available, otherwise I might miss out!

One reason I think they are so cool, is because of a book I read 20 or so years ago - Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card, published 1977. A science fiction, facing the end of the world, book. In it, the children have these computer "pads" - devices that were a desk of sorts, on which they could play games and do homework. Way before desktop computers, Card came up with this thing that now I am reminded of, when I heard about the iPad.

I like the size - spiral bound notebook size, I like the fact that it does what they tried to do with "netbooks", and in my opinion, failed. It replaces the netbook, the kindle, the digital picture viewer, the Wacom tablet, and all MP3 players. And does it all better - at least from what I understand from Mr. Jobs' release video, with no need for a mouse, or keyboard, or any other peripherals!

Although I am excited, and expect great things of the iPad, I do promise to be honest in my opinion, and to report on it accurately.

over and out for now.