Friday, April 9, 2010

sent From My iPad

so here I am using the iPad's digital keypad to write. it's actually surprisingly useable! there are a few things missing, however, such as a tab key, and I'm not yet sure how to make the autofill work. When I start typing, it gives suggestions, but I don't know how to accept one. People who text a lot probably have this stuff down, but I have never sent a text in my life! What this does is several things happen automatically, like capitalizing the first letter, and I, so you don't have to keep changing keyboards ( it has an ABC keyboard, and a 123 keyboard, that you need to toggle back and forth between. It would be nice to have things like the apostrophe key on the abc keyboard. As far as computing devices, it follows Apples easy to use approach, but some things aren't quite as intuitive as others.

Oh, wait, I see an autofill button, I wonder if that is what I press... No... It gives a suggestion under the word, but if I tap it, it just goes away. I don't see a way to accept it. Hmmm.

If you are not connected to the Internet, most things don't quite work. Cary claims that it can be used as a gps, but I don't see how, as you need to be connected in order for it to find your location. We'll see.

I'm still not sure if ts is just an expensive toy, or if it will actually be a useful tool. I really can't justify an expensive toy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting my Grubby Hands on it...

So I got the call from UPS on Saturday, like I said, and Sarah and I headed out the door - but not before Cary had said that we couldn't open it until we were all together. The problem with that was that Sarah and I were on our way to Healdsberg, via Yuba City, Cary and Cassi were headed for the same destination, only via San Francisco (they were going to a philosophy convention).
UPS was open until 2:15, we arrived at 2:10. The sign on the door said "CLOSED", but the big side doors, where the UPS truck are parked were open, so I started "hallow"-ing until I found 3 guys in the office, who helped me get the paperwork in order. I asked if they had delivered many iPad's that day (they knew what was in the packages, apparently), and was told that about 28 people in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area had received them. There was one remaining in the office, when I got mine.
Sarah snapped my picture as I came out of the building with it in my hot little hands.
SO then we drove over to Healdsberg, so that Sarah could be back for her special activity (which didn't actually materialize...). Cary and Cassi didn't arrive until 12:30 am, by which time Sarah was fast asleep, and so, we didn't open the package that night.

The next morning Cassi and I met up with Sarah in the Caf for Sunday brunch, leaving Cary sleeping in the borrowed motorhome, then we all went shopping for Cassi's birthday party, and met up with Emily at Walmart. Emily, however, couldn't come back with us to the party, as she had a "hot date", so she wasn't present for the grand opening of the iPad.

It was POURING down rain, the whole day, and I was drenched by the time all the party stuff was set up, and we could finally open the package - Here is the initial video...
It kinda looks like a party for the iPad, or maybe the iPad was for Cassi's birthday - neither of which is true, it just worked out that they coincided.

I was disappointed, because I realized that it needed to be synced with iTunes before I realized that we had Sarah's laptop with us, so we hooked them up together and got it up and running.

more to come...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Currently Sync-ing

Ok, it's here, I got it, it's currently syncing with my desktop. It's about as amazing and cool as it looked, with an amazingly sensitive touch screen, that responds like a dream! It has been a long weekend, with lots of driving - the 4 hour drive home from taking my daughters back to school being especially stressful in the rain. I am going to write more tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I just got a call from UPS, that my iPad is there, and since they don't deliver to NSJ on Saturday, I can go get it, if I can make it before 2:15! Si I DO get get it today - Alleluia! I will record the event, and post it to my blog!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


I heard on Clark Howard show, yesterday, that the iPad is now not going to ship until the 12th. I'm thinking that must be for people who didn't order on 3/12, I hope. I checked my tracking info, and there is an EXCEPTION, which I didn't understand, but then I got a notice from Apple that UPS doesn't do Saturday delivery in my area - ARRGGGHHHH! So it is delayed until Monday, April 5. SO I guess the count goes up now.

Another 4 days to go...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got a notice in my inbox today that my package has shipped!! My new iPad is (theoretically) ON IT"S WAY!! I panicked a little this week when I say a little news blurb on KFBK's website saying "new iPad orders won't ship till 4/12", the blurb was quickly replaced with another, so I couldn't go see what it was talking about. But I guess that's for the people who didn't order early, like I did. So, it's on it's way!!

Only 3 days left!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPad Dreamin'

Before bed last night I was perusing the Wired Magazine article again, about the iPad - boy, are they ever sure that this is the next "best thing"! The way the article is written is interesting, because it uses a low-tech hyperlink format, where certain phrases are highlighted in a color, with that color arrow leading to one of the side-bar, side-articles. Fascinating, in that, before web pages and hyperlinks, I don't know how well understood that type of writing would have been.

A quote from one of the side bar editorials, by Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco "forget the netbook. It's a slow, clunky piece of junk. Do I want to look like the guy who couldn't afford a real computer, or the guy who went to the future and brought back a device that's as cool as I imagine I am?"

Last night the iPad invaded my dreams. I dreamed that it had arrived, and I was exploring it's many functions. Of course, in my dream, it could do much more than it actually can, and somehow I couldn't quite get enough time with it to see what it did, because everyone else wanted to look at it, and play with it - especially my husband who keeps claiming it will be his..."

But it won't be his, it will be mine - or ours - I guess I can be that generous ;). And I'm still a little unsure. They keep stating that if folks like the iPhone so much, then this is definitely the next step. I, however, have never even had the slightest interest in the iPhone, or any of those smart phones that do everything. I like my phone to make phone calls, and my camera to take pictures. I don't use my phone to text, or play games, or even to take pictures. So, will this device be something that I will actually find useful?

Nevertheless, I still think buying it is a good idea, because there are those people who DO love their iPhones, and all those cool apps, and so it should be easy enough to unload it if I find it to be just another toy. Well, then there's my husband, who has a difficult time letting go of stuff. He will probably want to hold on to it for it's toy value, so I might have a hard time getting him to let me resell it, which I would want to do because we sure don't need a toy THAT expensive!!

10 days to go...