Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting my Grubby Hands on it...

So I got the call from UPS on Saturday, like I said, and Sarah and I headed out the door - but not before Cary had said that we couldn't open it until we were all together. The problem with that was that Sarah and I were on our way to Healdsberg, via Yuba City, Cary and Cassi were headed for the same destination, only via San Francisco (they were going to a philosophy convention).
UPS was open until 2:15, we arrived at 2:10. The sign on the door said "CLOSED", but the big side doors, where the UPS truck are parked were open, so I started "hallow"-ing until I found 3 guys in the office, who helped me get the paperwork in order. I asked if they had delivered many iPad's that day (they knew what was in the packages, apparently), and was told that about 28 people in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area had received them. There was one remaining in the office, when I got mine.
Sarah snapped my picture as I came out of the building with it in my hot little hands.
SO then we drove over to Healdsberg, so that Sarah could be back for her special activity (which didn't actually materialize...). Cary and Cassi didn't arrive until 12:30 am, by which time Sarah was fast asleep, and so, we didn't open the package that night.

The next morning Cassi and I met up with Sarah in the Caf for Sunday brunch, leaving Cary sleeping in the borrowed motorhome, then we all went shopping for Cassi's birthday party, and met up with Emily at Walmart. Emily, however, couldn't come back with us to the party, as she had a "hot date", so she wasn't present for the grand opening of the iPad.

It was POURING down rain, the whole day, and I was drenched by the time all the party stuff was set up, and we could finally open the package - Here is the initial video...
It kinda looks like a party for the iPad, or maybe the iPad was for Cassi's birthday - neither of which is true, it just worked out that they coincided.

I was disappointed, because I realized that it needed to be synced with iTunes before I realized that we had Sarah's laptop with us, so we hooked them up together and got it up and running.

more to come...

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