Monday, March 22, 2010

Wired magazine article

We got the newest Wired magazine in the mail today, and the front cover was dedicated to the iPad. Apparently the iPad marks the end of desktop, laptops and the peripherals, such as mice and keyboards. Apparently the tablet is the next thing, and there will be no going back. Good old Apple, always coming up with the innovations!

So why do the majority have PC's? Smarter early marketing ploys, I guess. Apple came up with color, with integrated machines, with the computer/monitor combination. Back in the 80's, Apple came out with the macplus, the first integrated machines, so cute and portable, little 12X12X18 boxes, with little 7" screens. We used to have a bunch of them, maybe 10, down in our storage/school bus, but I sold them all on eBay last year, Dang it - I should have held on to them. They still worked, just had no keyboards and mice. They will probably be worth something (again) someday, vintage collectors items. They were pretty cool! Hopefully there's still one down there...

Now the "tech-sperts" (I just made that up) are pronouncing this as the beginning of the next greatest movement in computer technology, tablet computing. And this time, I will be on the cutting edge. Woo-hoo!

12 days left...

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