Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waiting For Trains - 18 days

My sweet eldest just posted about waiting for trains, and it made me think about this wait for latest and greatest technology - not that I have waited as long, or longed for as hard, as the thing she is/has been waiting for, but...

The only way we can learn patience is by having to be patient. As a woman of a more mature age, I have had to wait for many things; love to come into my own life, pregnancy, birth (6 times over), death, and yes, trains. I have learned that the waiting is worth it (or it's not), the train will come (or it won't), love will happen, whether the one we expected, or another kind all together, the babies will be born, and the sick will eventually be freed from their suffering.

And so I have found peace in my life. I have learned patience, and will learn more, as I wait more; for love for my daughters, for grandchildren, for things of great consequence and things of little. I understand that the iPad I'm waiting for falls into the "of little" category, but there are times when having a thing you are counting down to helps to pass the time; Helps to expound on the more important lessons of life, and waiting, and patience.

I want my daughters to understand that the pain and suffering of the wait is ALWAYS worth it, whether the the specific thing they are waiting for comes through for them or not, because the important thing is the character developed along the way. And when that train arrives, and the specific goal is accomplished, and you settle into your seat, let out your breath and relax... You find yourself waiting for the next thing, the end of one wait is the beginning of the next. The birth of a baby is the end of pregnancy, but the beginning of parenting; the arrival of love is the beginning the relationship, the wedding begins the marriage, and so it goes...

18 days till the iPad is shipped.

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