Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok, so I'm reading a book - Blind Faith, by Ben Elton. A truly frightening (though humorous), 1984-esque book, about where all this blogging, Youtubing and reality TV will end up. Kind of frightening to start a blog with THAT hanging over my head - *shudder*.

So, anyway, I saw the ad for the newest, latest and greatest technology to come along in a long time - more exciting than sliced bread... and I want one! Never before have I been one to be on the cutting edge, I am more cautious, waiting until the technology has been tested, waiting till the price goes down a couple of hundred $$. But this, now, this is different!

The iPad.

The release date has been set for April 3, 2010, with a pre-order date of March 12.

Usually, I wouldn't even be able to consider it, we are ALWAYS broke. The economy is bad, work is slow, but... Cary just got a full time job, AND I got another art commission, AND we got a big tax refund - so we actually have the money, I could actually get one! So exciting. And my husband wants me to. So I put an envelope aside with enough money in it to actually be able to do it.

So, unless a big emergency comes along, and we have to spend the money before the release date, it looks like I will get one. YEEEEAAAHHH! (is that a frightened sound or an excited one - not sure, to tell the truth!)

Emily brought up one of the qualms I have, what if they actually SUCK? Being one of the first to buy means you are helping to work any bugs out, BUT, after all, it is an Apple product, and I firmly believe in Apple products, being a long time mac user. Emily also points out that, on the off chance that it DOES suck, I can quickly re-sell it on eBay, before the word gets out.

And I can blog about my experience - the countdown, the expectation, the end result... ecstasy or misery?

So, the countdown is on, 4 weeks, or exactly 28 days, till release; 6 days till pre-orders will be accepted. Should I pre-order? Probably, then they will know how many to have available, otherwise I might miss out!

One reason I think they are so cool, is because of a book I read 20 or so years ago - Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card, published 1977. A science fiction, facing the end of the world, book. In it, the children have these computer "pads" - devices that were a desk of sorts, on which they could play games and do homework. Way before desktop computers, Card came up with this thing that now I am reminded of, when I heard about the iPad.

I like the size - spiral bound notebook size, I like the fact that it does what they tried to do with "netbooks", and in my opinion, failed. It replaces the netbook, the kindle, the digital picture viewer, the Wacom tablet, and all MP3 players. And does it all better - at least from what I understand from Mr. Jobs' release video, with no need for a mouse, or keyboard, or any other peripherals!

Although I am excited, and expect great things of the iPad, I do promise to be honest in my opinion, and to report on it accurately.

over and out for now.

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