Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPad Dreamin'

Before bed last night I was perusing the Wired Magazine article again, about the iPad - boy, are they ever sure that this is the next "best thing"! The way the article is written is interesting, because it uses a low-tech hyperlink format, where certain phrases are highlighted in a color, with that color arrow leading to one of the side-bar, side-articles. Fascinating, in that, before web pages and hyperlinks, I don't know how well understood that type of writing would have been.

A quote from one of the side bar editorials, by Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco "forget the netbook. It's a slow, clunky piece of junk. Do I want to look like the guy who couldn't afford a real computer, or the guy who went to the future and brought back a device that's as cool as I imagine I am?"

Last night the iPad invaded my dreams. I dreamed that it had arrived, and I was exploring it's many functions. Of course, in my dream, it could do much more than it actually can, and somehow I couldn't quite get enough time with it to see what it did, because everyone else wanted to look at it, and play with it - especially my husband who keeps claiming it will be his..."

But it won't be his, it will be mine - or ours - I guess I can be that generous ;). And I'm still a little unsure. They keep stating that if folks like the iPhone so much, then this is definitely the next step. I, however, have never even had the slightest interest in the iPhone, or any of those smart phones that do everything. I like my phone to make phone calls, and my camera to take pictures. I don't use my phone to text, or play games, or even to take pictures. So, will this device be something that I will actually find useful?

Nevertheless, I still think buying it is a good idea, because there are those people who DO love their iPhones, and all those cool apps, and so it should be easy enough to unload it if I find it to be just another toy. Well, then there's my husband, who has a difficult time letting go of stuff. He will probably want to hold on to it for it's toy value, so I might have a hard time getting him to let me resell it, which I would want to do because we sure don't need a toy THAT expensive!!

10 days to go...

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