Friday, March 19, 2010

15 Days to go

Some things I'm not sure about:

Is it a phone?
Can I connect through my home wireless internet (I would imagine)?
Will it arrive on the 3rd, or just ship that day?
Does it come with the apps installed, or do I need to buy them all individually?
What is the system - is it OSX, or some linux based PC compatible thingy?
does it have a HD?
Will 16 gigs be enough?
how difficult will it be to read books on i?
How much do book downloads cost?

These questions (and more) will be answered in 15 days (or so).

Meanwhile, I sit at home, wondering if I really wouldn't have been wiser to buy new tires for the car, pay the kids tuition, save the money for emergencies, or any number of other more pressing needs for that $499 (plus tax = $548).

It occurred to me, that since the money is still in my bank account, maybe my order didn't go through! I started to get concerned, and realized that I have no way to check - should I order again? What do I do...? Arggghhh...

So I called the iPad 800 #, and spoke to Hugo (who was very helpful!). He said that I should have an order #, which I then remembered printing out. I located that, and now feel reassured. While I had him on the phone, I asked if it would ship on he 3rd, and he said that, no, it would ship a few days before, so that I would receive it on the 3rd, giving those who go to an Apple store no advantage over the people who pre-ordered online, as far as when we would have it in our hot little hands.


15 Days left - just a little over 2 weeks...

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